#unitedblood (Taken with instagram)

#unitedblood (Taken with instagram)

If you still havent followed my new tumblr yet…


afterxautumn asked: You're a faggot and no one likes you.

Noted. Follow it. 

I might just make a new tumblr. I follow too many people to be doing this shit all night.

If you talk bad about Ceremony




you are wrong.
I do not respect your opinion.
I will unfollow you.

I wonder if this is the same person who reblogged that one post I made where I made fun of Ceremony and then tried to have an argument with me about why my opinion was wrong and how they were right and blah blah blah.

Opinions are neither wrong nor right. kidsnheroes, you are a dumbass. That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact.

Ceremony is an over rated, mediocre band. They aren’t the greatest thing to come out of music. I’d rather listen to Defiler for 10 hours than one Ceremony album.

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And I may be flooding your dashboard with this shit, but at least I actually talk and speak my mind about how I’m feeling instead of reblogging the same damn gif of some skank sucking dick or Ryan Gosling.

I regret following most of you.

A lot of you don’t talk to me

Change that. If we follow each other, tell me why I shouldn’t unfollow you tonight because a lot of people are gonna be gone.

I may have to unfollow a lot of people tonight.

Fuck it.